The course of manufacturing process

Consultation with the customer → customer’s needs finding → our draft resolution → suggestion of best materials and glues (depending on the application of the final product and properties possibly on aggressiveness of environment in which it will be used…)
The evaluation of supplied materials  → confirmation of colours, sizes and accuracy of our processed graphic → digital preview
Production of the sample or prototype subsequent fine-tuning, if it is necessary
Confirmation of the binding order → production of products → packaging according to customer’s needs → transfer of finished products to customer (personally, by mail, mail-order service…)

Delivering of the basics for the production

Documents for printing can be supplied either in vector format (cdrX4, fh9, ai) or bitmap format (tif, jpg, psd) in their original size 1:1 with a resolution of min. 150 dpi for digital printing and min. 250 dpi for the screen printing
Technological restrictions for the screen printing: the thickness of lines respectively. min. the size of the object over 0.15 mm, the option to print rasters to 71 lpi
Text wrap line in vector graphic format (cdrX4, fh9, ai)
Definition of colourity for example in Pantone

Processing of documents

We have our own graphic studio, therefore if our customers do not have the possibility to supply their settings in digital form, we can process them, and possibly we can submit also our own graphic designs according to the customer needs.


Top equipment of our production lines, the complexity of the manufacturing process, several years of practical experience and our work outcomes at a high professional level separate us from the competitors at present. Our know-how consists of several kinds of technologies for the production of various articles in dependence on the type of material. The production is made on the custom manufacturing basis, implementation on the specific materials according to the customer needs and requirements. We have complete machinery and its innovation and automation according to the latest trends in this area is obvious to us.