Graphic overlays

Graphic overlays are structural elements which are stuck to the panels of machinery and equipment in order to improve the feeling in the control of the product. The usage of the top design would also increase the practical value of the device as well as its attractiveness compared to competing devices. The overlay does not contain any switching elements; it is often placed on panel, which includes printed circuit with fitted low-lift keys.

All colours are protected by foil, which ensures long life and the consistent peak quality of the overlay. The kind of an adhesive layer is determined according to the used materials and the customer’s needs.

The possibilities of the overlays` construction:

  • the selection of the type of foil
    • polycarbonate 125 – 370 micrometers
    • polyester 130 – 200 micrometers
    • PVC 150 – 500 micrometers
  • the selection of thickness and surface treatment of material – shiny or matte, possibly with the structure
  • the possibility of keys forming
  • the possibility of special prints – e.g. the transparent varnish on the boxes
  • the possibility to choice of the type and the thickness of glue
  • full-area or partial adhesive layers
  • atypical shapes or openings
  • we achieve the required thickness of graphic by appropriately selected construction of materials.