Domed stickers

The resin labels are deluxe appellation of the products by optical game by the light and shade. By the help of the resin the aesthetic distinction of the products is increased. The gum at the same time protects the labels against the damaging and scratching. Besides the standard domed stickers we also produce the stickers with 3D punch.

Bulge, contour flexible, flashy…

Printing of gum stickers

  1. digital printing – in exterior quality without color and intensity of graphic limitation
  2. standard screen printing – the possibility of using also silver and gold polyester foils (matt, mirrored …)

Shapes of domed stickers

  •  all edges should be rounded
  • the shape of sticker should not have negative angles
  • it is desirable to consult the production eventualities for multiple and more complex forms
  • our technology of resin potting enables the production of stickers to about 150cm2

The elaborate of quotation


We need the following information in order to elaborate the quotation, preferably sent by e-mail:


  • the dimension of sticker (width x height)
  • the number of printing colours or preview of motive for the proper determination of printing technology (digital or screen printing)
  • the quantity
  • information of the required delivery dates, or possibly the supply calendar