Industrial marking

We manufacture industrial signs, stickers and technical labels of any shape, colourfulness with various requirements for the structural composition of the materials, qualities of glues and thickness of labels.

Plastic labels

  • type of plastic – PVC, polycarbonate, polyester
  • coating of plastic – matt, shiny, with structure
  • the thickness of plastic – 125 to 500 micron
  • type of glue – from basic up to 3M
  • the thickness of glues – from the extra thin 0,055 mm up to 1 mm thick foam
  • the possibility of different shapes by cutting and by plotter

In the manufacture of these labels special effects are often used for, example the use of silver mirror colour together with a silver matt or use of 3D punching. It is interesting to link the labels with polyurethane resin and thick self-adhesive foam.

PVC stickers

Classic stickers of various shapes and sizes, of exterior grade, printed by classical screen printing and digitally. There is also a possibility of manufacturing PVC stickers with extremely strong stickiness

Safety – safety stickers – seals

These stickers are made of the destructive film, which means that they cannot be unstuck off without damaging the film. They serve to protect the products, particularly for the holdback of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Direct printing

We also offer direct printing for supplied parts of specified sizes, shapes and materials.